Boats and Parties.

Ray’s Journal:

Spent today on a cruise ship after leaving the Wind Temple. We didn’t get the best of rooms, so I tried to get in with some of the rich ladies on board. Turns out they were all married though… Sucks, that. Afterward I fought a few of Nin’s clones. Barely killed three of em. They’re hard to hit… I’m starting to think everyone in the party is stronger than me. With a cleric with us too I’m not sure what use I am now. Meh. In any case I ended up going to the party deck later on, even though I’m not supposed to with the shitty rooms we have, the guards were impressed by my Mug, so they let me in to expand my collection. Funny side note- I now have piss in my Mug’s memory. that may come in handy later. In any case, I ran into Vys and the cleric, she seemed really chill for what she usually is. Strange. I crashed out after I had some “Strawberry Daiquiri” and added that to my mug too. Productive night. Silver dragged us out though, I guess Kryos was trying to rape someone again, and got interrupted by Ja’s Ninjas. We’ll need to dip first thing in the morning, everyone really pissed off everyone on board.



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