Hijinks and Monks

Ray’s Journal:

So we finally got to go to talk to Jabberwocky or whatever the fuck the monk master’s name is, and they gave us a place to crash for the night in the floating temple. I didn’t know Silver was such a prankster though. After a “fight” with Lisei and Adidas, we hit the sauna, then he messed with the girls while they slept. Some sort of hallucinatory gas grenade. Good shit. He had one that made them horny too, so you can imagine we snuck in to watch. By the time that happened though, they were so far gone it was hilarious. I got pounced on cause Lisei thought I was a Panda or something, whatever the hell that is. The girls ended up all touchy-feely but it didn’t progress much farther than heavy petting. Funny as fuck though. It seems that Nin’s a bit of a prankster too, He and Silver were all naked ans teasing Zera about something. grossed me out a little bit. Anyway, everyone was all bitchy so I decided to log this and pass out. Good times.



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