Mind Mayhem

Ray’s Journal:

So I drank two gargoyles to death. Nobody really believed me when I said it. I did though, and almost died myself. Drunky pissed on me to wake me up though. Lucky bastard. If I wasn’t dying I’d have killed him. I got him back though, it’s cool. But ever since then I feel different, I mean, I’m seeing things like I did before…. Like I used to before that… I’m the one that solved all the riddles in this place… It’s scary… I opened this last door but I don’t really feel like fighting right now.. I’m hanging here with Silver and the kids. I feel like I need to make a decision. Like I need to make a choice… It’s strange. I can Teleport again… It’s like I’m whole again… Except for her.. I feel like it’s all coming to a head… Everything I’ve done in the past, my Family, the village, the council, the murders, this Ninja, the dimensions, gods of time and temples, monks, pandas, airships and all the things that have happened since that day, all of it is coming to one definitive point. I know that my decision is coming. I know what my choice will be. I have to stand and face my past. If anyone is reading this, know that this is how it must be. Know that, and carry on.



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