Running around in the wind Temple

Ray’s Journal:

We made it to the wind temple place thing finally, to get the stone we need to get or whatever. After talking to people and stuff we got to go in the place to find it and had to climb down a damned cliff face to do it though. Zera almost died and took me with her.(small Side note, turns out she was fucking last night. No wonder she was mellow.) Adidas had his sneakers, the asshole, and left us looking down on him in this pit without taking anybody with him. There was a riddle that said to jump across, but there wasn’t really anywhere to jump to. Turns out the side that I climbed down with the Cleric went smooth near the bottom and the other side was climbable the whole way down. we came across a few challenges, Hamster wheels, piranhas, a few floaty wind tunnel things, and eventually we found some loot. I got a massive Stone… Looked like a ruby, but it was HUGE like, size of a pumpkin huge. Turned out it wasn’t worth a damn thing, but it looks cool and someone might think it’s worth something down the line so I kept it. There was also a room full of gold, we got plenty. Anyway, there was a dark ass tunnel we went down and I came to the realization that my mask gives me some sort of sixth sense because I didn’t have any trouble navigating it, even though I couldn’t see. Weird that I didn’t notice till now. after that we fought some trolls, well Nin did… and then a mess of quicklings. little bastards. Taking a small break now though, so I decided to log this quick.



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