Being the last of your kind doesn't make you the best. It just makes you lonely.


Class: Assassin (Bleak)

EXP: 33,500

Alignment: Good

Paragon Path: Stalker Assassin

Epic Destiny: N/A

Adventuring Company: Somnium

Ability Scores Modifiers Defenses Hit Points Speed Senses
Strength: 13 +1 AC: 25 Max HP: 72 Walk: 6 Passive Insight: 19
Constitution: 14 +2 Fort: 18 Bloodied HP: 38 Run: 8 Passive Perception: 24
Intelligence: 12 +1 Ref: 23 Surge Value: 19 Teleport: N/A Initiative: 12
Dexterity: 22 +6 Will: 21 Surges/Day: 9 Fly: N/A Vision: Normal
Wisdom: 18 +4 Base AC: 21
Charisma: 10 +0
Skills Ability Score
Acrobatics DEX 19
Arcana INT 6
Athletics STR 11
Bluff CHA 5
Diplomacy CHA 5
Dungeoneering WIS 14
Endurance CON 7
Heal WIS 9
History INT 6
Insight WIS 9
Intimidate CHA 5
Nature WIS 9
Perception WIS 14
Religion INT 6
Stealth DEX 19
Streetwise CHA 10
Thievery DEX 16
Aura WIS 14
Sex Education CHA 5

The “Aura” and “Sex Education” are both custom stats used in our campaign. Yeah… we’re not normal. Aura is a skill based on force damage and Sex Ed. is related to the AD&D Sex (Advances Dungeons and Dragons Sex Book).


  • Weapons:
    • Ninja-to (Flaming Weapon)
    • Ninja-to (Duelist’s Weapon)
    • Kunai
    • Advanced Kunai (Lightning Weapon)
    • Wind Kunai (Cloaked Weapon)
  • Armors:
    • Leather Armor (Repulsion)
    • Bracers of the Perfect Shot
    • Shoes of Precise Step
    • Baseball Cap (Return/Holding/Featherweight/Invulnerable)


  • At-Wills
    • Attack and Retreat
    • Counter Strike
    • Kikō-ken
  • Encounters
    • Target
    • Elusive Strike
    • Disruptive Stab
    • Kawarimi no Jutsu
  • Dailies
    • Out of My Way
    • Exploding Dagger
    • Kage Bunshin no Jutsu


  • Utilities
    • Veiled Steps
    • Bikou-Shunshin no Jutsu
  • Class Features
    • Shadow Walk
    • Stealth Slice
    • Swift Blade
  • Feats
    • Skill Focus
    • Toughness
    • Silent Dash
    • Escape Artist
    • Ninja-to Expertise
    • Quick Draw
    • Aura Focus

My character’s changed jobs like 3 times. FINALLY they came out with an Assassin class. THAT took forever!



Real Name: Mugen Hamamoto

Assassin Aliases: NIN, Momo(?)

Gender: Male

Size: Medium

Age: 20

Height: 5’10”

Deity: Avandra

Weight: 165lbs

NIN’s Story

(Nice n' Quick...ish.)                        (I lied.)

NIN lived in a secluded village of Ninja who worked as soul collectors. His people worshiped no gods, nor did they follow demons. They did, however, deal with the dead under less than valorous intentions. The Shadow Elite, a high council appointed through strength and wisdom, decided upon a “project” for the village to take upon itself.

The souls of monsters and demons collected by the people were sold to demons of higher caliber, and even the keeper of damned souls himself. They were told to begin siphoning souls from their missions and store them in a “Carrier Soul.” This Carrier was a simple demon’s soul modified to absorb other souls and contain their power. Only high class Ninja were told why the souls were being collected. After a few months the Carrier grew and an ominous presence engulfed the village.

NIN’s personal beliefs did not reflect those of the Shadow Elite or even his people. He prayed unto the goddess of Change, Avandra. He strongly felt that one’s freedom should be based on their own decisions and had a certain wanderlust for adventure.

NIN was a newly graduated Ninja with average skills. He harvested souls, but only the ones to be sold. One of his jobs entailed selling a prized demon soul to “Blackheart,” prince of the Underworld and son of The Devil. NIN mentioned the souls being collected rather than sold when the Demon Prince queried about a shortage of souls. The Prince recognized all too well what the clan was plotting. He opened up a rift so that NIN could see what he had in mind. Blackheart set the Carrier free, which transformed into a beast and began to devastate the village. All NIN could do was watch in horror. When all of his friends and ‘family’ were slaughtered, the Prince returned NIN to his ravaged land.

NIN was back and overwhelmed with questions and anguish, but there was a much larger problem at hand. Blackheart released the Carrier, but didn’t recapture or dismantle it. He had left it to destroy everything. With no end of its rampage in sight, NIN searched within himself for the only solution he knew. With the last of his strength and will, NIN passes between the realm of the living and the dead. He arrives in the purgatory that is the ultimate fate of his ancestors. He uses his knowledge of soul energy to absorb all of his ancestors into himself. All of their strengths, weaknesses, knowledge, regrets and powers were accumulated to make one perfect soul. This perfection of a soul comprised of the arts of killing and summoning could only be referred to as “Ninja.”

NIN was successful in defeating and banishing the Carrier to the Underworld. But after only a short while, two beings appeared before him who likely sought the power of “Ninja.” One was a large being with unimaginable strength. The other seemed to be an angel sent to retrieve the souls NIN possessed. A three-sided battle ensued between NIN and the assailants. Due to inexperience in his skills, NIN was the first to fall…

Later, NIN awoke in an adjacent town badly wounded and drained. He later realizes that the power of “JA” was taken from him and he has been greatly weakened as a result. Slowly, he recovers his strength and ventures from town to town gaining information on any and all odd occurrences. All he has to go off of is his foggy memory of a winged assailant. He does not remember the other attacker.

After months of searching, NIN comes upon a small village with a promising lead. He needs to take his search to the sky. He quietly sets upon the town, searching for the nearest tavern. Surely, travelers would gather there…


  • Regain the symbol of “JA”
    • This is the essence of his ancestors that was taken from him. NIN aspires to regain this at all costs.
  • Protect his friends
    • Overtime, NIN has become the last original member of his traveling troupe (how lonely can a guy get?). What’s more, he’s the only one besides Raran who actually makes educated decisions and tries to accomplish goals. Even so, NIN takes care of the people he likes and would prefer them alive for their own aspirations.
  • Keep Nambul out of danger
    • NIN’s trusting and protective behavior often leads him to take care of those around him. Nambul is an interesting drow with the appearance of a thirteen-year-old and the mouth of a castrated sailor. He’s bound to get into trouble/interesting misadventures.
  • Find Vine’s Contract
    • NIN’s morals/beliefs don’t allow him to sit idly by as another being is owned against their will. He quietly takes it upon himself to help Vine find the holder of her contract.


  • NIN: Bears an overall inquisitive and cheerful disposition. He is quite chivalrous when it comes to matters of the opposite sex and generally thinks of others first (women first and foremost). He believes that making a female cry is one of the lowest things a man can do. Usual conduct around others he is comfortable with can range from relaxed to dramatic frustration. NIN tries to take care of his friends as best as possible, and maintains an open-mind for all situations.
  • Momo: Off balance and extremely forgetful. “Momo” is the personality that comes about when NIN drinks alcohol. He possesses almost no strength or combat form, but seems to slip between attacks while bobbing to and fro. Momo will often forget what he is talking about and where he is going. His identification skills diminish, and he has great trouble telling where he is or recognizing anyone he’s ever met. NIN cannot remember anything that “Momo” encounters.


  • Luck
    • NIN follows the teachings of Avandra. He loves to explore, and believes that everything in live is up to chance. Just the way he likes it.
  • Tampico
    • A rare and DELICIOUS drink made of sugar and citrus-y goodness. Just a sip of this nectar is enough to send NIN into a euphoric state.
  • Hat
    • This hat is a one-of-a-kind baseball cap. No other hats exist like this one. Woot.

Love Interests

  • Chandi
    • A female kunoichi NIN found in the city of Sekun. He finds her EXTREMELY attractive, as he once believed he was the last Ninja alive. Her stealth and thievery abilities are greater than his, and her fighting skill is more honed. NICE. Ninja cannot hold their liquor, so as a result Chandi becomes the antithesis of herself when she drinks: Stone-cold and spiteful.
  • Vine
    • The third traveler NIN met in his original group. She slips in and out of the party as she pleases. Though attracted to her wild spirit and Rouge abilities, his extensive training in demonic classification has well educated him of Succubi artifice. He should know better… right? During one of NIN’s drunken blackouts, Vine gave him the alias name: “Momo.”


  • Raran
    • He’s a pirate. NIN’s a ninja. It was in their blood to fight. However, for now they’ll set apart their differences and complete their quest at hand.


  • Slavery/Captivity
    • NIN believes that one should be able to choose their own fate. No one’s life should belong to another.
  • Alcohol
    • A few personality quirks have developed within NIN over time. Whenever he drinks any substance containing ANY amount of alcohol, he loses control of himself entirely. In fact, he appears to be a completely different person.

Hated Enemies

  • “JA”RED
    • The angel who stole NIN’s abilities. His original name was “RED.” He loathes the deity for taking his ancestors before he could give them a proper ceremony. NIN will stop at nothing to ensure his demise.
  • Earl Battice
    • A guard on patrol during a prison flight between Shion and Naoga. He dipped his balls in NIN’s hat. NO.
  • Chill Zombie
    • You ever been frozen to immobilization whilst your allies can do nothing but watch the life drain from your eyes? NIN HATES frozen zombies.
  • Valeron
    • Captured and sold out the party TWICE. He’s a DICK!
  • Malkane
    • The prince of Sheon who employed Valeron. Little bastard sold us to a Colosseum as slaves.


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