Zuulie 'Vine' Asmodeus Dy'nen

The only real difference between an ally and an enemy is that one deserves a quick death.


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Ability Scores Defenses Hit Points
Strength: 14 AC: 20 Max HP: 80
Constitution: 24 Fort: 17 Bloodied HP: 40
Intelligence: 18 Ref: 19 Surge Value: 20
Dexterity: 26 Will: 17 Surges/Day: 10
Wisdom: 18
Charisma: 27
Skills Ability Score
Acrobatics DEX 14
Arcana INT 7
Athletics STR 4
Bluff CHA 27
Diplomacy CHA 22
Dungeoneering WIS 3
Endurance CON 5
Heal WIS 3
History INT 5
Insight WIS 16
Intimidate CHA 14
Nature WIS 3
Perception WIS 3
Religion INT 5
Stealth DEX 12
Streetwise CHA 12
Thievery DEX 12
Aura WIS 0
Sex Education CHA [:/Max?]

The “Aura” and “Sex Education” are both custom stats used in our campaign. Yeah… we’re not normal. Aura is a skill based on force damage and Sex Ed. is related to the AD&D Sex (Advances Dungeons and Dragons Sex Book).


  • Weapons
    • Dagger (Magic)
    • Dagger
    • Short Sword
    • CrossBow
    • Shuriken
    • Bull Whip (Flame/Pleasure)
    • PokeBall: Pichu
  • Armors
    • Leather Armor
    • Saefwing Amulet (LVL: 3)
    • mysterious stones (rubies)


    • Riposte Strike
    • Sly Flourish
    • Trickster’s Blade
    • Torturous Strike
    • Trick Strike
    • Walking Wounded
    • Quick Fingers
    • Mob Mentality
  • Racial
    • Corrupting Touch
    • Charming Kiss
    • Dominate
    • Change Shape

Real Name: Zuulie Dy’nen

Nick Name: Vine

Gender: Female

Size: Medium

Age: Unknown

Height: 5’9

Breast Size: DD [:/or bigger, you choose!]

Weight: 160lb’s

Deity: None

Adventuring Company: Somnium


  • Find her Contract
    • Like everyone else she seeks for her freedom; wanting to know who controls her.
    • Once knowing who holds her contract, she seeks to kill them to gain her freedom back.
  • Watch over & protect her ‘Friends’
    • While on her journey she has gained the trust of a few of the travelers with her. Holding that trust close to her she tries to her fullest to protect them.
    • Trying to keep Vyseris & Nambul out of trouble.
    • She holds very high respect for NIN since he has guarded her back many of times in battle, let alone gave her Pichu.
    • Apparently she also has to keep NIN out of trouble too, when he is drunk. Other wise known has, MoMo.
  • Memories & Trust…
    • Vine tries to uncover her old memories, and why she has strong feelings to the group.
    • She questions herself if she should be trusted at all…who she is really in life.

Love Interests [:/Can a Succubus love??]

  • Pichu
    • A baby pokemon that NIN gave her when she first met the small creature. Since Pichu really did not like NIN at all, and well coming to find out, Pich REALLY doesnt like anyone at all. Pichu usally is out of it’s pokeball, and rideing on either her head or in between her breasts.
  • NIN
    • One of the travlers she ventures with. He did give her Pichu and has proven to protect her in battle, and keeping up with her rouge skills. She feels that she has some connection with him, but she does not know it’s good or bad…but there is something there, or maybe she just needs a new toy. ;p
  • Vyser & Nambul
    • Being the 2 youngest travelers with her, let alone them being drow. Vine having very good history with the drow & the house they come from. She feels like she should watch over the two youngsters until once they are old enough to teach them the history of the house they reign from.
  • Money, jewels, gold, ect…
    • What girl DOESN’T love that stuff…. ;P

Hated Enemies

  • Contract Holder
    • The holder of her demon contract
  • Anyone who she doesn’t Trust
    • Having her own sense of honor, Vine doesn’t trust or like ANYONE unless they have proven them selves to her.
  • Zombies of the icky kind
    • Having a nasty, smelly, icky slime puked on to you by a undead thing. ISN’T TOO NICE….especially if it goes and/or soaks in to your bra…
  • Annoying People
    • A few certain selected party members, one of both sex’s, that should hates to be around. Especially if she has to sleep in the same room with them….

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Life is a coin. There are two sides of it, just like good and evil, but sometimes a coin will land on it’s side. So is it neutral?

Vine’s History

The history of Vine is uncompleted since even she doesn’t know all of it. Vines memories have been temporally lost, but only bits and pieces here and there she remembers. Knowing she has been alive for centuries, but not knowing for sure how long she has lived. She has searched the archives of historians, the songs and stories of bards, and the many books from the libraries of ancient kings. From the year of searching she has somewhat linked together what he past life could have been, but she is still unsure of it. Maybe one day she will know the truth of her true name, Zuulie Dy’nen.

She was given life from the ruling demon of the underworld, Mephistopheles, alongside with Blackheart, her older brother. She was to be one of the seven deadly sins in pure form, Lust. To be the ultimate form of temptation to all man’s souls. Being one of the first succubus’s of hell, and the first daughter of Mephistopheles, she was sort of a spoiled brat. Thinking she had all right to do whatever she wanted to do. She feasted off the souls the souls of man, instead of gathering them for her father. Her father banished her to stay in hell and not step one foot onto the world of man, like a sort of grounding for her, until he saw fit.

While her father was away on his hellish duties, she would venture off to his private library to learn about summons which would let her venture off to the surface world, or somewhere close to. Knowing her father always had spies on her. She learned of the goddess, Lloth, whom her children would summon, and worship demons. While also being a race of dominate females. Vine decided to ask the goddess to grant her passage to her underground world. Her father hearing of this, immediately confronted and reminded Vine of her punishment. Vine begged father to give her a chance to earn his respect to walk on to the surface world again, she would spend a few hundred years in spider goddess lands, gathering the souls of the male dark elves. Vine knew her father would never give up a chance to gather the corrupted elven souls, he granted her permission to seek out the spider goddess. Lloth granted her to seek residence in one of her dark children’s house, but she must agree to be contracted and up hold the house name, Dy’nen. Being too eager to agree with the deal, she was unknowing to the dangers of a contract could be to a demon. Vine was then given passage by the spider goddess, and was summoned to her first master, the young priestess, Vlos Dy’nen. Vine served under the house Dy’nen for centuries, until one day she was ordered to hunt down one of Vlos’s male play toys, who escaped to the surface world. Vlos found out her male cross bred with another female, while he was on a mission to the surface. Vine was ordered to hunt down and kill the male, and the spawn of the two.

Vine knew this was her chance to also escape to the surface world, and feast once more. Once to the surface world, she found the devious drow male, and killed him in cold blood, while feasting on his soul for her own enjoyment. Knowing it was going to take time to hunt down the female, Vine took her time. Venturing across the land gathering the souls of men for her own desire, and giving creation to demons like her, but with the thirst for souls. Her father hearing of Vines abandonment to her agreement with him, and also finding a loop hole through the contract she had with the drow priestess.

Mephistopheles contacted another fallen, ????, like himself, whom he got word they needed a guardian to do their wishes. He informed Vlos of Vines, disobedience to the contract. Vlos being outraged wanted nothing more than punishment to Vine for her actions. Mephistopheles then told Vlos about another fallen who would take upon themselves to take care of his daughter’s actions, and punish her for the actions she done against the house. In agreement to trade Vines contract with her brothers, until Vine was broken out of her rebellious sprit or Vine was smart enough to reclaim her contract. Vlos knowing it would more than likely be impossible for Vine to reclaim her contract, she agreed.

Giving Vine’s contract to, ??, and informing them of her disobedience. ??, confronted Vine while was ravishing the land for more souls to eat. ?? tore her wings off, and informed her that they were her new master, and they would not tolerate her rebellious sprit. Using the blood from her torn wings, * rewrote her contract, erasing her memory and replacing it with a false memory. Also taking away most of her power, until when she was ordered to be ??’s guardian, and assassin. Vine became a puppet, unable to use all her powers and knowing who she really was. Her false memory was to be of a teifling born from a human mother who was raped by demon lord. Growing up in a harsh land of being shunned of being part demon, at the age of 4 her mother was stoned to death in the town square. Fending for her life ran off to the large merchant kingdom near the small town, and was a member for the thief’s guild. While over the year’s gained ranks in the guild until every thief in the country knew of her crudity to people who judged her race. The leader of the guild fearing she would take over the guild, the leader banished her from the city. She didn’t need a guild, she could live has a Rouge, would mean more loot for her! But this was a false memory she was given. ???? figured she would never notice the gaps of time she lost every time they ordered her to do a mission, depending on the importance of the mission. She would never remember what happened or would give her another false memory, but there was one thing he forgot to wipe from her memory…. Her true name.

While she was going through some loot she had, taken from a historian during her travels. Found a large book of demonology, and read through the book. Noticing her name in the book, she sought out information on why she was named after succubus. Coming to find out the town she was born in, her mother, and the guild she grown up in, never existed. Wanting to know her past, she sought out information on what she really is, and during her travels found out that since she had demon blood in her. Demons are bound to uphold a contract, and have masters. Wanting to know who has her contract she finds some information connected with a group of assassin’s. Maybe they will hold the key of her past…

Zuulie 'Vine' Asmodeus Dy'nen

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