Unknown / Ecthelvaud / "Rayden"

An Elf with a scarred past and a debt to pay.


11905 XP

Ability Scores Modifiers Defenses Hit Points Speed
STR: 16 +2 AC: 22 Max HP: 64 Walk: 7
CON: 14 +2 FORT: 17 Bloodied HP: 32 Run: 11
DEX: 13 +2 REF: 16 Surge Value: 16
INT: 14 +2 WILL: 17 Surges a Day: 12
WIS: 16 +3
CHA: 12 +1


    • Toughness
    • Fast Runner
    • Quick Draw
    • Ignore Difficult Terrain while Shifting
    • Low-Light Vision
    • Channel Divinity: Raven Queen’s Blessing
    • Divine Challenge
    • Lay On Hands
  • AURA
    • Blue Aura of Self
    • 11 skill WIS-6 / Trained-5

      -Aura Skin

      At-Will / (Immediate Interrupt)
      Negate Aural Modifer damage from an enemy attack targeting AC once per round.

      +2 Vicious Halberd

+10 Attack DMG: 1d10 + 2 Crit: DMG +2d12

+1 Longbow of Storms

+7 Attack DMG: 1d10 + 1 Crit: DMG +1d6 Lightning (At-Will)Free: Switch to/from Lightning DMG (Daily)Free-On-Hit:* Target and enemies within 2 on target take 1d6 Lightning

+2 Black Iron Scale

AC: 7 +2 Resist 5 Fire Resist 5 Necro


Rayden wasn’t always called that. He wasn’t always an alcoholic. He wasn’t even always a regular elf. The man known as Rayden today was once an Eladrin High Priest of the Feywild. He had a home in a small Eladrin village right on the brink of this realm, only coming out of the Fey at dawn and dusk. He had a fiancé – Kombucha, he was about to have a son, and things were going well – then the rest of the Eladrin council got wind that his bride-to-be was a traitor to their race and ordered her execution.

He was NOT about to let that happen to his family. Running out of time and options so he used every ounce of magic he could conjure and cut his village off from the Feywild and this realm, buying his beloved Kombucha precious time while he tried to find a solution. Unfortunately the act itself was so burdensome that he was knocked unconscious for weeks and in that span of time he was captured and sentenced to death. He was beaten, tortured, stripped of his own connection to the Feywild, and in the eyes of the public – killed. The High Council however, had other plans.

They claimed him as their instrument, conscripting his service to them and the Raven Queen to pay for his sins against his race. To free his wife he became the Ecthelvaud – The Spearpoint of Judgment. Donning the Raven Queen’s Deathmask and Halberd he hunted down the enemies of the council. He killed all who opposed them. In doing so, he let go of everything except for the memory of his precious Kombucha. The memory of his past, his home, even his very name fell before the drive to get his beloved back. He paid his debt, down to one last task, to take the life of a half-breed abomination – Cha’kohkev uss. He was the only thing standing between the Ecthelvaud and his family.

This last kill would be the kill that brings his life back – Just a punk abomination that named itself Vyseris.

He found the Abomination. The abomination was only a boy, a half Drow half Dragonborn boy. Enraged upon seeing his prey he dived after him with reckless abandon, flinging himself from the side of a grounded airship to attack him. Ecthelvaud almost died from the fall. When Ecthelvaud awoke, he found that the abomination was traveling with Nin and his party of misfits that would have destroyed him before he could complete his task. He also found Nin had nicknamed him Rayden. So he waited. He became a part of the group. He gained their trust – at least enough that he wouldn’t be immediately killed. He waited until everything was falling apart, until an Evil being of ultimate power was destroying everything in sight to make his move. It was then that they were all transported to another dimension.

The trip was excruciating. He saw things that he had been praying never happened. he saw Kombucha and his home being destroyed, torn to shreds of infinite nothingness by their disconnection to the Fey. He had severed them from it when they weren’t in contact with this realm; he had severed them from even their own existence. the council hadn’t stripped him of his connection to the Fey- that part of him had died with his village. With his Beloved. With his unborn son. In trying to save her, he had destroyed everything he held dear. The council had lied about everything. All He cared for was gone. Was it all a dream? Who knew…

Dropped into an unknown dimension, left without reason to kill Vyseris, and possibly stripped of the only reason he had to live, the man now known as Rayden awoke to a new life.

A life of anything… And yet, nothing.

  • Likes
    • Rayden is a bit of an oddball in the fact that while he enjoys seeing others suffer physically, even to an erotic extent if they’re particularly deserving, he also enjoys alleviating other people’s suffering, so long as he feels they have something akin to family. Aside from that-
    • Drinking
    • Bars and Barkeepers
    • Storytime
  • Dislikes
    • The Eladrin High Council
    • The Undead
    • Zombies
    • Reanimated Corpses
    • Redeads
    • The Grateful Dead
    • Being used as a weapon to maim the closest thing his has to friends.
    • Pirates… Fucking PIRATES.
    • Rat Races
    • Trolls (note to self, GET FIRE)
    • Quicklings
    • Any Combination of the above.

Unknown / Ecthelvaud / "Rayden"

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